Ágústínus frá Melaleiti (photo: Anny Husebø)
Dugur frá Þúfu
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (photo: Anny Husebø)
Leiknir fra Søtofte (photo: Cecilie Langvad)
Viktor fra Kirstineholm (photo: Cecilie Langvad)
Ágústínus fra Melaleiti
Dugur frá Þúfu (photo: Signe Bache)
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (photo: CS-Foto)
Leiknir fra Søtofte
Viktor fra Kirstineholm
Ágústínus fra Melaleiti
Dugur frá Þúfu
Tónn fra Ólafsbergi
Leiknir fra Søtofte


Competition debut

Sofie and Dugur has had their competition debut at the christmas competition at Egegården on decemberr 4th, and did so well. Dugur was like always a pleasure to work with and they got first  place in 4-gait, as well as a second place in tölt for the couple, who will definitely compete again in the future. 

December 2022

Foal no. 1

The first foal of the year was not the one we expected, since Sóllilja wasn't planned to be the first to give birth. But we are definitely not complaining, since she delivered a beautiful brown mare with a tiny star. We have named her  Sólveig, and she is after fantastic Viti frá Kagaðarhóli (Rid: 8,29 - Con: 8,22 - Tot: 8,26), who has 1. prize for offsprings. 

May 2022

Foal no. 2 og 3

It went quickly with foal number 2 and 3. First,

Stáltá delivered a gigantic and longlegged blue dun stallion after Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (Rid: 8,83 - Con: 8,13 - Tot: 8,55). He has been named Sebastían. Afterwards, Aradís delivered a beautiful brown tobiano mare, who is after the stunning

Kandís fra Teland (Rid: 7,93 - Con: 8,23 - Tot: 8,04). She has been named Klara

May 2022

Season 2023

Now that we have entered a new year, we are of course also looking forward to a new breeding season, where we are looking forward to welcomming a lot of mares. This year, Tónn will cover by hand at home all season, while Ágústínus will cover by hand all season at Gulla in Tim. 

January 2023

Føl no. 4

Last foal for this year, was yet another beautiful mare who just suddenly appeared in the field. It was Eyja, who had delivered a little copy of Emma from last year. Thereby, they are both after Tónn fra Ólafsbergi (Rid: 8,83 - Con: 8,13 - Tot: 8,55). Our litlle copy has been named Ester fra Kirstineholm.

May 2022